• Welcome to KenBuster

    If you love general knowledge as much as I do, Kenbuster is the website you should visit. I love general knowledge and everything it represents, and this website is a way of sharing this with the world.   There’s something very liberating about the amount of knowledge that’s out there for us to discover. The […]

    Welcome to KenBuster
  • retraining skills in Northwich, Cheshire

    A damp-proofing business in Northwich, Cheshire has recently taken on a new employee who has made a remarkable change in career direction.  Freya Watkins has moved away from a career in HR consulting, and into the world of timber surveys and damp prevention. This new career has required to get started – Freya now holds […]

    retraining skills in Northwich, Cheshire
  • Knowledge for a new skill or trade

    It might never seem like the right time to learn a new skill. There’s always other jobs that can get in the way, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. If you’re wondering about the future, and aren’t sure that the path you’re taking is the […]

    new trade
  • Top 5 Ways to Improve Your General Knowledge

    General knowledge is something that a lot of us can benefit from, not necessarily to finish a degree or even to be considered a genius, but because it’s something that becomes useful in day to day life. From knowing the current Prime Minister to knowing what cream works for a certain ailment, general knowledge is […]

  • The importance of general knowledge

    At a time when information is so readily available and you can practically ‘Google’ anything under the sun, you would think that our grasp of general knowledge should be higher than ever before. Unfortunately, this article shows us that today’s millennial generation actually have a weaker grasp of general knowledge, according to a study conducted […]

    neural pathways