Top 5 Ways to Improve Your General Knowledge

General knowledge is something that a lot of us can benefit from, not necessarily to finish a degree or even to be considered a genius, but because it’s something that becomes useful in day to day life. From knowing the current Prime Minister to knowing what cream works for a certain ailment, general knowledge is more than just trivia. It can help you carry out a sensible conversation in social settings and can even save your life.


But more than getting your dose of general knowledge for everyday use, you might also need tips on how to enhance it especially if you’re thinking of how to win a general knowledge quiz or how to prepare for the general knowledge section of an exam that you need to take in the very near future.


  1. Variety is key.


Improve your general knowledge by adding some variety to your reading material. Reading is a sure fire way to fill your brain with needed knowledge, but what people forget is that it’s not just how often you read and how much material you end up stuffing into your brain. WHAT you choose to read also matters. For instance, when you’re super stuck in academic reading and you’re drowning in all sorts of textbook descriptions and formulas, it seems as if you no longer know what’s happening with the outside world. On the other hand, if all you read is your news feed in social media, which tends to be only the most viral articles, then you’re losing out on a lot as well. The key is to mix it up, and you can check this article to check out what kind of material you should be reading.


  1. Maximise your senses.

  2. senses


The important thing to remember about general knowledge is that you can find it almost anywhere. Think of your brain as a sponge that can absorb everything your 5 senses come across. To improve your general knowledge, think of all the times you’re using these senses and just be conscious about the knowledge you’re absorbing from all these interactions. Whether the little tidbit of knowledge consists of how a certain flower smells or how cold it is during a certain month in some part of the world, embrace everything as a learning experience.


  1. Change the way you watch television.


We usually watch television passively and just for entertainment, but you can take a more proactive role and watch television for knowledge instead. If you’re conscious that you want to improve your knowledge, you tend to be more attuned to what you see and hear, looking at each scene differently and being strategic about what you allow our mind to absorb. Yes this means also adding variety to the shows you watch, sprinkling some knowledge-enhancing shows in there together with your favourite series or soap opera. It’s also good to watch game shows, to see what kinds of questions are usually asked.


  1. Prioritise current events.current news


When it comes to general knowledge, nothing can prepare you better than making sure you know what’s currently happening around you. This means you have to put in some deliberate effort and even pick which medium to prioritise. You can choose to read the newspaper every single day until it becomes a habit, but you can also mix up your mediums and also include television news shows, radio, online channels, and even carrying out conversations with people who are knowledgeable. This means it might also help if you socialise more during parties and expand your current network.


  1. Write it down.


As the oldest trick in the book, writing down notes is actually something we tend to take for granted these days, especially with the advent of technology. This study says that those who physically write (no, not type) down notes actually remember them better, and this is something that even the technologically savvy students of today can’t do something about. When you go about the tasks of reading the newspaper, watching television, or even your day-to-day tasks, write down the things that stick to your mind and that you think will improve your general knowledge. Writing it down will embed it in your memory far more than typing it will.


With these 5 tips to enhance what you know, you’re on your way to winning that quiz or even acing that exam. Just remember that for a lot of these tips, you need to just keep on going until the task becomes almost second nature to you. It may start off as something you’re not used to doing, but just keep on going and you’ll find your rhythm. General knowledge is something that usually stays with us wherever we go, so it will all be worth it.