How to Run a Quiz

What is Pub Quiz? Learn more about it as well as some useful tips on how to run it in this article.

setting up your own quiz

Asking how to run a pub quiz is becoming as popular as the quizzes themselves. After all, quizzes make a normal night at the pub so much more interesting, and it encourages friends to interact and showcase their competitive side. It also adds a lot of fun and something different to an otherwise typical night.

While virtually anyone can run a pub quiz, it takes something extra to make that quiz interesting and truly memorable. If you’re the pub owner and you want to attract more people by holding regular quiz nights, then that’s another story as well.

So what are the tips on setting up a quiz night?tips on setting up a quiz

Preparation is half the battle

In pub quizzes, just like in life, preparation is the key to winning. You don’t have to worry so much about how to run the actual quiz if you’ve done a pretty good job preparing for it. These are the things you need to prepare for:

  • Promotion

You can’t really run a pub quiz if there are no people to ask questions to, so you need to make sure your quiz is well-promoted. This article talks about the many ways you can draw people to your quiz night: word-of-mouth, local press releases, posters, and others.

  • Venue and logistics

A quiz night attracts people to your pub, so you have to make sure that the place is ready. You need to ask the right questions: Are there enough tables? Does the microphone have batteries? Do you have special quiz night deals on food and drinks? Does participating in the quiz night require an entrance fee or minimum spend per table? Do you have a quiz master and are your servers oriented on what to do? Will you be handing out quiz sheets or boards that they can write their answers on?

  • Questionssetting quiz questions

Critical to the pub quiz are the questions you will be asking. You need to decide how long you want the quiz to run, and how many categories you’re aiming for. When you prepare your questions, make sure you cover a wide range of categories that will satisfy the varying interests of your crowd. Mix up the serious ones with the ones that talk about music, trends, and pop culture. Be creative and use technology as much as you can.

  • Rules and incentives

You should prepare all the questions and answers beforehand, and remember that in game nights, it’s normal for people to contest certain answers. You should also take into consideration that people can actually cheat given that there’s mobile internet and wi-fi. Before the quiz begins, make sure the rules are clear with you, your servers, the quiz master, and all the participants to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Lastly, make sure you have a prize that’s attractive enough for people to aspire for.

Things to remember during the actual quiz

No matter how well you’ve prepared, you still need advise on running a quiz and how to make it through the night. Aside from all the preparations mentioned, these are the things you should remember.

  1. The goal is to have fun.

Remember that this is a quiz night and not a final exam. Friendly competition is of course encouraged, but you should make sure that the atmosphere is fun and not cutthroat. The quiz master should be engaging, and the questions should encourage collaboration and interaction, not catfights. Humour should be present at all times.

  1. Think of themes and be relevant to the times.

If you’re running regular quiz nights, you can get everyone used to a rhythm and format. However, you can also break this regularity during certain occasions (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and others) when you have the perfect excuse to make the quiz night even more interesting. Feel free to inject gimmicks like having to wear a costume or perform a dance step.

  1. Make sure you discourage cheating in a quiz

You can discourage cheating by making sure the answers to your questions are not easy to search online, but you can also announce beforehand that you’re banning the use of mobile phones or internet-connected gadgets. When cheating does happen, this article gives some advice on how to handle it without embarrassing the people in question too much. The approach should be non-confrontational, but you should be firm in your rules especially because you don’t want people to think cheating is okay.

Now that you know how to run a pub quiz, the next step is to ensure people actually come back for more, and if possible even bring more of their friends with them in the future. Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful promotion strategy especially when it comes to something like this, so you should think of ways to encourage people to bring more customers.