About Us


Do you love to read and learn all kinds of info? Then join us at Kenbuster.co.uk.

If you love general knowledge as much as I do, Kenbuster is the website you should go to. I love general knowledge and everything it represents, and this website is a way of sharing this with the world.

There’s something very liberating about the amount of knowledge that’s out there for us to discover. The world we exist in is a walking encyclopedia, and there is no limit to the things we can all learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. From random facts that will amaze you to tips on how to make a good pub quiz, this website will help you improve your General knowledge and sharpen your understanding on all the things you’re interested in.

Nothing is beyond your ken

More than a Knowledge website, this website will help you appreciate that truly, nothing is beyond your ken. “Ken” is defined as “one’s range of knowledge or understanding.” Another definition talks about ken being your “range of perception, understanding, or knowledge.” In the olden times it was used to describe “the range of vision” and someone’s sight or view.

What this website aims to achieve is to show people that information is readily available, and if you open your mind to it, general knowledge can fill your mind and make you a better person overall. You don’t have to limit yourself to the textbooks and lessons that are required in school, because the fun of learning extends beyond that.

Improving your ken

Kenbuster helps you do this by filling your brains with facts and general knowledge tidbits that you wouldn’t normally learn in school or in other traditional learning materials. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy from this website:

  • You will be a pro at joining (or even hosting) a pub quiz in no time.

With all the facts that this website is filled with, as well as tips on how to enjoy and make your own pub quiz, then you will be a pub quiz pro in no time. Even if you don’t need it for a pub night and just for an option in entertaining friends, Kenbuster can definitely help.

  • People will want to talk to you.

This site helps you improve your general knowledge, and as a result of that people will want to strike conversations with you. There will never be a dull conversation when you’re around, because by improving your ken you will have so much to offer.

  • You will be equipped to make better decisions.

General knowledge can be as random as the ones you learn for trivia, but there are facts that are part of your general knowledge that can potentially help you make better decisions. After all, knowledge is power.

Given all this, the best thing about Kenbuster is that just like general knowledge, you can never have too much. There are a million things you can learn and these things change with time, so just keep coming back to this website for new general knowledge tidbits and tips.

Have fun learning!