retraining skills in Northwich, Cheshire

A damp-proofing business in Northwich, Cheshire has recently taken on a new employee who has made a remarkable change in career direction.  Freya Watkins has moved away from a career in HR consulting, and into the world of timber surveys and damp prevention.

This new career has required to get started – Freya now holds the CSRT qualification which is a widely recognised certification in surveying and remedial treatments.

The course is provided by the Property Care Association, and is recognised throughout the UK as the leading qualification for surveyors in the industry.

It is made up of three sub-courses – Timber specialism, Damp proofing, and Legal/Health/Safety.

There is an examination associated with each of the three modules.  The exams can be attempted all at the same time, or spread out individually over a wider period if the candidate chooses to.

The exams comprise of both written and practical ID/oral testing.  The written papers take around 2.5 hours to complete, and the rest of the testing takes around the same amount of time.  Remember that this must be completed for each module, so it is a challenging task that requires weeks of preparation before entering.   More information is available here.

Examinations are held regularly throughout the year, and there is a required reading list available on the Property Care website, which will give candidates all the information required to pass the examinations.

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Having successfully completed all of the required tasks, Freya is now a fully certified damp proof surveyor and is working with Atlantis Damp Proofing in Northwich to field the wide range of requests that come in from customers in the area.

What Next?

This isn’t the end of the road as far as surveyor training goes.  There are many other specialisms which can be followed, including flood protection, japanese knotweed, and structural waterproofing to name a few.  As you would expect, each of these specialisms comes with a learning curve, and learning from books alone is often not the best way to get the knowledge required.  If you have the opportunity to volunteer with a similar company, it might be a good way to gain some of the experience needed for some of the trickier indentifications required by the role.

This is just one path that you could choose if you are looking for a new challenge in your career.  There are obviously many others out there that you might never have heard of.  It’s worth talking to people you meet to find out what they do, how they got there, and what was involved.  There are so many jobs out there that you’ve never even heard of, and new ones are being created every single day as technology and customer needs change.

If you have a good idea of the route you’d like to take then it may be possible to complete all of the necessary training, and possibly even the exams online.  Official courses are often the best sources of knowledge, but tend to be expensive.  You may find cheaper alternatives out there from experienced, but unofficial sources.  It’s always better to see if you can find reviews on these, as cheaper might not always equate to a similar quality standard, and may leave you sitting in an exam room without the necessary knowledge to succeed.