Knowledge for a new skill or trade

It might never seem like the right time to learn a new skill. There’s always other jobs that can get in the way, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. If you’re wondering about the future, and aren’t sure that the path you’re taking is the right one for you, don’t panic.

Over the last few years, online training has exploded, and there’s never been a better or easier time to pick up some new skills that could develop into an entirely new career, no matter what age you trade

Sites such as Udemy have a range of courses, with everything from graphic design to accountancy. Some of these skills may be missing from your business, and it’s easy to join one of the courses to see how it fits.

Some estimates indicate that as much as fifty percent of the UK’s population feel that they’re in an unsuitable career.

Seven years ago, Donna Lubrano was working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Since then, she’s changed everything, and now she works for a university in Massachusetts, teaching courses to business students. She made this big change at the age of 52, and it wasn’t the first time that she had revolutionised her working life. Prior to the life as a fitness professional, she worked in the property industry, but grew bored of her role in property portfolio management.  A masters degree in international business gave her the foundation she needed to build a career in many fields, and she knew that the time had come to move on to something new.  Teaching was the way forward for her.

It’s not just knowledge work that can be learned online or in the real world.  There are many opportunities out there to get the skills needed for a hands-on career such as carpentry or building work.  Although it’s possible to take courses at specialised training companies, there are also plenty of places to learn online, the most popular of which is now Youtube.  Whole manual disciplines can be learned to a certain degree online, but you’re going to need to put in the real-world hours if you want to become an expert at any of these skills.  Anthony Gilardi operates an incredible youtube channel which takes you not just through carpentry, but many other practical skills that could help you on you way into a new career.  He explains clearly and demonstrates well so that even those with no experience can get a grounding in such trades.

plumbing-career change

A career change was on the cards for a plumber in Northwich following a 15 year role as a teacher.  Paul Barker still loved the role of being a teacher, but in spite of the famous long holidays (most of which were spent preparing for the next school year), he wanted to become his own boss  An 8 week course at a Cheshire plumbing skills centre set him off on this new path, and he’s become more more satisfied with his working life.  “I’ve always been working for someone else before this, but now I’m able to stand on my own two feet, and as long as I carry out good work, there always seems to be more business just around the corner”.

It’s never to late to change your way in life.  Get out there and learn something new today.